What Is Randall Equestrian

Randall Equestrian is a family-owned and operated boutique breeding and sales operation in Columbiana, Alabama. Located just 30 minutes from downtown Birmingham, the program specializes in the breeding of purebred Welsh Cob Section D ponies and multi-purpose Andalusian/Friesian sport horses.   The passion project of Gretchen and David Randall and their young daughter Chloe, the farm was established in 2015 and has been built from the ground up. Bred with the junior and amateur owner/rider in mind, Randall Equestrian typically produces just two, high-quality foals per year. Mares and stallions are carefully selected for the breeding program with an emphasis on versatility, soundness, and temperament. From their earliest days, foals and young horses are carefully handled by a knowledgeable staff, teaching them to groom, bathe, clip, load, and show in-hand while preparing them for successful future careers in dressage, combined driving, three-day eventing, and more. 

“Let your daughters grow up in the barn. Let them learn that horses don’t care about your schedule or your plans. Let them learn that buckets need filling and stalls need cleaning, even when it’s raining, even when it’s frozen, even when they have a different idea for how the day should go. Teach them to drive trucks and trailers and ATVs. Teach them to change tires and wrap legs and give shots. And let them leave a spur mark, or a bit rub, or a bandage bow, and let them deal with the shame of causing pain to an animal they love.”


~ Lauren Sprieser