Breeding Program

Producing just two, high-quality foals per year, Randall Equestrian’s broodmares and stallions are carefully selected for their versatility, temperament, and soundness. The program focuses its efforts on the mare bloodline, with offspring that can ‘go the distance’ to meet the rigors of upper-level, professional competition, but possess the mind and temperament to be excel in multiple rings with an amateur or junior. Thanks to these attributes, Randall Equestrian horses are quickly gaining a reputation for their willing-to-please attitudes, exceptional work ethics, structurally sound conformation, and elegant gaits.

Welsh Section D Ponies & Cobs

Developed from the hearty Welsh Mountain Pony, Welsh Section D ponies and cobs are taller than 13.2 hands and known for their stamina, courage, and dynamic trotting action. Randall Equestrian Welsh ponies are decidedly easy keepers that make the ultimate, safe companion, children’s pony, or sport horse. As the “Ferraris” of the pony world, they excel in dressage, eventing, and combined driving competition, among other disciplines.

Andalusian/Friesian Sport Horses

Bred for their performance in the dressage arena and beyond, Randall Equestrian’s Andalusian/Friesian crosses are known for their exceptional gaits, kind and willing temperaments, and of course, otherworldly beauty. Ideal for amateur riders looking for something unique and versatile, these Spanish crosses have the talent and bloodlines to standout in competition, but make equally charming partners in pleasure riding.

Our Stallions

Welsh Cob